cGMP Facility

When a Fortune 100 company in the Bay Area wanted to develop a new potent compound manufacturing facility, Flad Architects wanted to help them create a transformation space that embraced employee well-being and fostered creativity. Because of the nature of the work done in the facility, solid surface materials were used extensively, including complex thermoformed benches in the hallways, to be used as break areas for researchers. 

When ISEC, Inc., out of San Francisco, was awarded the project, they reached out to Rick and his teams at surfaceLAB™ and sister company, R.D. Wing Co., Inc. Ensuring that the final design of the cantilevered, curved benches would be sturdy enough to support the weight of people sitting on them, surfaceLAB™ created a full-scale mock up of a section of the bench to be test-fitted on site. R.D. Wing Co. did all of the thermoforming and fabrication of the bench units as well as solid-surface handrails, and the complex thermoformed transitions inside the window bench areas.



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