Architects and designers have a lot of great ideas, but their plans don’t always translate into reality.

Many times the design and construction process is plagued with delays, cost overruns, or unhappy clients.

surfaceLAB is a one-stop shop that offers everything you need for creating unique architectural features from start to finish. We can help you source and manufacture all the necessary components. We’ll even handle installation and complete project management if desired. Plus, we have an extensive network of subcontractors who can help us fabricate custom solutions on time and on budget!


Come to surfaceLAB for inspiration.

surfaceLAB has decades of experience developing innovative solutions for architects and designers. By starting with something as simple as a sketch, we can assist design teams with identifying the right materials, processes, and solutions to achieve the results desired.

Over the years, many professionals have found that the easiest and quickest way is to just ask us.

We have a vast library of projects to share. We also can provide samples of some of our processes for the design team to touch and see in order to help bring the ideas together.

Come to surfaceLAB when you are trying to understand design feasibility and how to detail the work.

More often than not, Architects, Designers, and General Contractors approach us with a vision that requires early design support to determine scope, budget, and manufacturing feasibility based on the proposed design.

Our expertise, in working with complex architectural features and components, allows us to inject innovative and creative technologies and processes that transform visions into reality.

  • We provide complimentary early design consultation.
  • surfaceLAB will also provide 3D CAD modeling and shop drawings as the project progresses.
  • And we are really good at creating standard or custom samples, or in-house full-size pre-production mock-ups.

Come to surfaceLAB when you have an idea but you need to know how much it will cost.

Most designers, architects, and owners are concerned about balance design concepts and the costs to produce them.

To help ease these concerns, surfaceLAB provides ROM quotes all throughout the design and construction document phases so that there are no surprises when it’s time to bid the project.

surfaceLAB can also be brought in to support any value-engineering activities that may be required.

Finally, surfaceLAB can provide estimates to casework companies, solid surface fabricators, or general contractors during the bidding phase, to eliminate any compensation of “over-bidding” features to capture unknown costs or to kill the design by bidders unfamiliar with the type of work and skills required to produce the feature. 

Finally, once you are ready to bring the vision to life, come to surfaceLAB to let us do that for you too.

surfaceLAB’s team includes experienced project managers, skilled and multi-talented craftspeople as well as a wide network of vetted installers and suppliers around the country that can brought together as the project demands.

surfaceLAB is here to be the Owner and/or General Contractor’s single point of contact for any complex architectural feature that requires the coordination of multiple trades in order for it to be completed.