colorFILL dryERASE

Reimagine interactive spaces by merging the utility of dry erase surfaces with customizable, durable design elements for engaging experiences across various environments.


Utilizing 1/4″ or 1/2″ solid surfaces, colorFILL dryERASE panels are crafted through a specialized printing process, accommodating both standard and custom designs printed directly onto the material for a seamless, integrated look.


Transforming spaces, these panels double as dry erase boards—ideal for interactive entertainment and dynamic displays in various settings. They offer a sustainable alternative for engaging in classic games like tic tac toe and hangman, perfect for keeping children entertained.


Versatile in use, from healthcare wall panels to restaurant tabletops, they provide a creative alternative to digital screens. Envision Game of Thrones themed corridors at HBO, or doodle-friendly tables at Red Robin—colorFIL dryERASE panels offer a unique blend of function, fun, and design flexibility.