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What is surfaceLAB?

surfaceLAB is a design and installation firm that specializes in innovative solid surface and other materials fabrication techniques. We provide architectural services for architects, designers, property developers and general contractors to create unique architectural features from materials like solid surface, composites, wood, metals, and more.

We have been delivering innovative design solutions since 2014. Our intent was to inspire designers to push the limits of their design skills by introducing new ways to create unique architectural features from a variety of materials. We saw that as the architecture was evolving, designers felt limited in what they believed was possible with certain materials. Maybe they could imagine the design but the challenge was always how would it be designed so that it could ultimately be created.

surfaceLAB has since evolved into a comprehensive design support and installations services firm with a focus on innovation in material use, fabrication technique delivery systems, and installation processes.

If designers can dream it. We can build it. 


Rick Wing: Innovator in Architectural Fabrication

Rick D. Wing

Rick Wing has been a leading expert in architectural fabrication for nearly two decades. He is an innnovator of using 3-axis and 5-axis machining in complex solid surface fabrications and other materials, developing and patenting backlightIMAGES, a 3D photo imaging process in solid surface.

Rick began his career in materials and manufacturing with Kenworth Truck Company, developing a professional reputation as an expert in fiberglass fabrications. He then became the Corporate Quality Liason for North America, assisting the fiberglass and plastic suppliers network to Peterbilt and Kenworth with their in-house quality control systems.

Rick’s first fabrication and manufacturing company, Paragon Design Group, was a specialty supplier of models, plugs, and molds for the Kenworth Truck company for six years until he sold it in 1994 to start the R.D. Wing Company. It was there he saw the opportunity to bring his complex fabrication experience to the architectural design community. It wasn’t very long that R.D. Wing Co. became the go-to company nationally for large-format, complex solid surface and other architectural fabrications. 

In 2014, he decided to start surfaceLAB. Rick saw an opportunity to provide innovative solutions to architects, designers, general contractors, engineers, and other professionals who have been looking for architectural solutions for large-scale projects beyond solid surface, not just with fabrication but installation and design support.  

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A wide service offering

Scopes of work

  • Education & training for design professionals through in-house seminars at architectural or design firms.
  • Technical support through shop drawings, mock-ups, and design documents
  • Delivery of proprietary fabrication or manufacturing processes for casework companies, solid surface fabricators, and contractors. 
  • Support for general contractors through full service project management from sourcing material suppliers, fabrication and manufacturing specialists, through oversight of installation and commissioning to ensure the project meets the owner’s requirements.