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SLO_Gen Communal Table

The LG HI-MACS Commercial Representative in California met with Gensler of LA to discuss an upcoming design concept produced by students of Calpoly for the SLO_Gen Communal Table Project.

Once that representative saw the complex thermoformed design he immediately referred the project to Rick Wing and his team at R.D. Wing Co. who have been known for producing these types of unique fabrications.

Project Credits

• Gensler Los Angeles – Robert Jernigan, Shawn Gehle
Design Team:
• Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – College of Architecture and Environmental Design:
-Faculty: Jim Doerfler, Mark Cabrinha
-Students: Ben Hait-Campbell, Cory Walker,
Kegan Charles Flanderka
• Gensler Los Angeles:
-Sabu Song, Shawn Gehle, Richard Hammond, Valentin Lieu
Team Engineering:
• Buro Happold:
– Garrett Jones, Gary Lau, Greg Otto, Liz Mahlow
• LG Hausys – HI-MACS Solid Surfacing
April 2012

Copyright © 2012 Gensler Los Angeles All Rights Reserved

Immediately, the creative team at R.D. Wing Co. started working on methodologies for the integrated plywood support structure and determining a fabrication plan for the complex blending of thermoformed LG HI-MACS surfaces.

The integrated plywood structure was layout out through a nesting program to maximize plywood yield. Then, each individual piece we CNC routed, labeled, and finished for final assembly.

Once the integrated plywood structure was assembled, work began on the fabrication of the thermoformed solid surface components.

Copyright © 2012 Gensler Los Angeles All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2012 Gensler Los Angeles All Rights Reserved

Utilizing the 3D CAD Model, the external surface was broken up into individual components. Due to the ever-changing compound curved surfaces, approximately 12 individual male and female thermoforming molds were created.

Each mold was machined and finished to form the specific surface area for final fit and finish. Then, those thermoformed solid surface sections were cut, sanded, formed, fit, and bonded to encase the plywood structure.

As those bonded panels were blended together, the final surface went through a rigorous finish sand, contouring, and sculpting, bringing the final surface to a beautiful satin finish.

Rick Wing sold R.D. Wing Co. in 2014. Now, he and his new team of creative thinkers have re-emerged as an architectural design, development, and solutions-based company called surfaceLAB Design Group, Inc. – simply known in the industry as surfaceLAB™.

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Copyright © 2012 Gensler Los Angeles All Rights Reserved

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