surfaceLAB /ˈsərfis · lab/

1. A collective of industry leading experts on materials, project management, and truly out-of-the-box advanced technologies, applications, procedures and techniques. Applying their expertise with a turn-key approach, to transform architect’s and designer’s visions into reality – from design development, through execution.

Our Expertise

Experience alone doesn’t guarantee one develops expertise. Our expertise not only comes from years of experience doing things well, but also from exploring and developing innovative processes in our lab that test the limits of what we can do. By focusing on each project’s challenges and applying lessons learned, we continue to reach a higher level of proficiency.

Our expertise allows us to see the big picture, understand the way things work, identify subtle differences and provide support and guidance that is available to you next time you’re faced with a complex situation.

Design Support

More often than not, Architects, Designers, and General Contractors approach us with a vision that requires early design support to determine scope, budget, and manufacturing feasibility based on the proposed design.

Our expertise, in working with complex architectural features and components, allows us to inject innovative and creative technologies and processes that transform visions into reality.

  • We provide complimentary early design consultation.
  • surfaceLAB™ will also provide 3D CAD modeling and shop drawings as the project progresses.
  • And we are really good at creating standard or custom samples, or in-house full-size pre-production mock-ups.

Project Management

To be successful in project management requires strong communication skills. While some might say 90% of project management is communication, at surfaceLAB™, we understand that successful project management requires more. We are committed to employing concepts, processes, and techniques from the Project Management Institute (PMI) that continually develop our project management capabilities and help ensure we deliver successfully.


The surfaceLAB™ team has had decades of fabrication and manufacturing experience, learning what not to do and what works best. Our first question is, ‘How can we get this done?’. By applying our do’s and don’ts experience, we work with our network of fabrication partners to ensure that all phases of fabrication, including surfaces fabrication, casework, structural support, and lighting design of every project is delivered per project scope, on budget, and on-time.

Installation Coordination

Getting a project designed and fabricated is a huge thing. Getting that project installed to complete the overall design vision is something else altogether.  As a full-service option, surfaceLAB™ will provide Design Support, Project Management, Fabrication, AND Installation. Working with our in-house team, and our national network of installers, we will take what we’ve helped you create and bring it to a conclusion.

Who Relies On surfaceLAB™?

  • Architects 60% 60%
  • Designers 24% 24%
  • General Contractors 16% 16%

Leading Architects, Designers and General Contractors Rely on surfaceLAB™

“We plan to continue to work with and support surfaceLAB™ because you all possess the technical bandwidth necessary to be a solution provider within the A & D community.”

~ Brian Schooling – C.H. Briggs Company – Sales Manager – Architectural Products Group

surfaceLAB™ provides a bridge between the architect, the General Contractor, fabrication, and installation.
For additional information about any of our expertise, process information, or assistance with your project requirements reach out to our team below:


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